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“The Sun and Moon” is the first single from Cursive’s upcoming album I Am Gemini (due 2/21). The new album is supposedly a concept album which at first may seem a little bit alarming but, at the same time, somewhat intriguing considering how Tim Kasher and co. are notorious for releasing lackluster albums. On their previous album, 2009’s Mama I’m Swollen, Tim Kasher seemed to have run out of ideas when he sang about “watching HBO and eating take-out dinners” on “What Have I Done?” Lyrics which at first appear to have been directly culled from a bored, middle-aged man’s twitter stream. Not only were the lyrics fairly questionable, most of the songs on Mama, I’m Swollen seemed to be equally uninspired. “The Sun and Moon”, however, is a solid return to form. This song is 3:58 full of the the razor-sharp riffs and clever lyrics fans of Domestica and Burst and Bloom grew to love. “The Sun and Moon” might be the most overdriven, full on rocker that the band has released in recent memory. If the rest of the songs on I Am Gemini  are just as promising and energetic as “The Sun and Moon”, then, Cursive might have the potential to fade out of the relative obscurity that has eclipsed them for the past few years.

Download: “The Sun and Moon”