All-Girl Coachella Valley Garage-Surf Band Las Feas Release Debut Demo


        When it comes to all-female bands from the Coachella Valley, Las Feas are the first of their kind. Because no other all-girl band has proclaimed the 760 as home turf, Las Feas are a rare and interesting group standing in opposition to the current desert rock lineup and alumni. The noisy band of riot-girls self-released their 4-song demo almost nine months ago, and it is still a favorite here at Forever Twenty Something. The demo consists of upbeat, short (no track exceeds 2.5 minutes), lo-fi surf-punk and the genre’s trademark reverb-washed guitars, which provide lead singer Yesenia Luevano the perfect background for her fuzzy, bratty vocals. The themes of youth and lust complement the sunny tracks most perfectly on the demo’s standout songs “Porn Star Love” and “Night Of The Living Brain Dead.” Together with guitarist Alva Valdez, bassist Perla Martinez, and drummer Béla Fonzarelli, Yesenia and Las Feas create a fun and unique beach-via-desert sound, which you should check out over at their bandcamp page. Peep their music video for “Porn Star Love” below:


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