Hollywood Chillwavers VCR Monster Announce New Album

If sleek, chilled-out downtempo confessionals are your favorite flavor of tea then VCR Monster wants to take you out for a cup. The LA-based band’s latest single “Coast” is a unique blend of slicked-out pop which finds the group exploring deeper realms of their electronic hedonism with more spacey and ambitious soundscapes than ever before.

The ambitious two piece, Jordan Matthew Kennedy (vocals, guitar) and Andrew Serrato (beats, synth, vocoder), already has one EP, 2010’s “Dangerous”, under their belts and lately the band’s twitter (@vcrmonster)
has been buzzing with activity regarding work on a new album. Finally, after weeks of building up the anticipation, the band’s Facebook page announced a new album “Explosions” and released “Coast,” the new album’s first single.

A much more calm and subtle effort than previous works, “Coast” finds JMK’s voice in top form (confident and defiant) as he quietly addresses a nameless lover in a cool and romantic hush over subtle yet infectious club-y beats. Check it out on the band’s Bandcamp page.


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